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‘Bhola Shankar’, directed by Meher Ramesh, lacks even a single standout scene despite Chiranjeevi’s star presence.

‘Bhola Shankar’, directed by Meher Ramesh, lacks even a single standout scene despite Chiranjeevi’s star presence.

The Telugu film "Bhola Shankar," starring Chiranjeevi and directed by Meher Ramesh, transports us to a bygone era, albeit with unfavorable results. The movie revisits worn-out, conventional elements and presents them under the assumption that the charisma of Chiranjeevi, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Keerthy Suresh can revive a lackluster storyline. Meher Ramesh, recognized for his skill in "story development," adapts "Vedalam," an eight-year-old Tamil film featuring Ajith, which didn't receive much acclaim. The outcome is a mixture of an impractical sibling dynamic, characters resembling caricatures, a female lead intended for absurd entertainment but appearing rather foolish, and an excessive use of tasteless humor.

Bhola Shankar’, directed by Meher Ramesh

Bhola Shankar (Telugu)
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Tamannaah Bhatia, Keerthy Suresh
Direction: Meher Ramesh
Music: Mahati Swara Sagar
Storyline: A taxi driver has old scores to settle and a sister to protect.

Kolkata is the location of Bhola Shankar। The city doesn't matter because, apart from the Hooghly bridge and Durga Puja festivities, a lot of scenes have been shot on sets। Shankar (Chiranjeevi) arrives in the city with his sister Mahalakshmi (Keerthy Suresh), whom he enrolls in a fine arts college। I think there is a mention of her studying architecture in her graduation in the film later on। ध्यान मत दो। We shouldn't remember and question such things। Her character suffers from memory loss, so maybe we should let it be। Story is busy with Chiranjeevi's compliments to Shankardada, the other well-known Shankar.

‘Bhola Shankar’, directed by Meher Ramesh, lacks even a single standout scene despite Chiranjeevi’s star presence.

Vamsi (Vennela Kishore) runs a taxi company, and her vibrant characterization and the relationship he shares with his wife and father-in-law (Pradeep) pave the way for some awkward entertainment. Shankar starts as a taxi driver there। Once an incident happens in the opening segment and a character says that a monster-like saviour is coming, it is clear that Shankar's innocent action as an ordinary man is a farce। The story quickly turns into a revenge drama, allowing Chiranjeevi to take on a lot of baddies with maniacal fervor.

‘Bhola Shankar’, directed by Meher Ramesh, Chiranjeevi’s star presence.

The sweet romance between Shankar and Mahalakshmi brings in an equally good-hearted Srikar (Sushanth) into the story, along with Lasya (Tamannaah Bhatia) as a silly criminal lawyer with her juniors (Viva Harsha and Hyper Aadhi)। Brahmanandam makes a cameo, Murali Sharma and Tulasi later in the story, Sreemukhi, Rashmi Gautam, and a lot of comedy actors, from Venu Yeldandi to Satya, but none of them leave a lasting impression. They must be content with just being in a movie called "Boss" 

The sweet romance between Shankar and Mahalakshmi 

The boss himself doesn't have anything new to talk about। Annaya and Aapadbandhavudu are some of his earlier films that are frequently mentioned। Also, Pawan Kalyan's Kushi and Ram Charan's Rangasthalam are frequently mentioned। Without a story that inspires empathy, all this memories only crumble। Although the story talks about trafficking and a main character is in danger, it doesn't create an emotional connection

The way Shankar is portrayed also stays on the surface. Ajith is depicted in the original as a cunning gangster who would do anything for money, and his change of heart is not something that happens quickly. However, Shankar's character keeps back from fully exposing Chiranjeevi's morally dubious nature in order to appease his larger-than-life superstardom. Therefore, his change of heart also has no bearing. 

The confrontation is all that remains after the movie reveals its reasons for seeking retribution. Shankar's encounters with Shawar Ali, Tarun Arora, and other cartoonish villains are characterised by uninspired action set pieces that are interspersed with forgettable tunes.

Pawan Kalyan's Kushi and Ram Charan's Rangasthalam are frequently mentioned

It is difficult to sit through the entire 160-minute movie. Chiranjeevi and Keerthy Suresh have produced significantly superior work. Tamannaah seemed to have enjoyed playing an eccentric character, at least to some level.

It is past time for Chiranjeevi to perform in fresh, modern stories and accept his age. Even the fan service might use some new ideas, especially for the actor-star with an impressive body of work.

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